Paul Steven Falcon has been performing on the international stage since the age of two years old. As part of the Fabulous Falcon’s A Family band that included His father, mother, brothers & sisters. That was often referred to as “The Latin Jacksons” or “Osmonds.” Paul learned to hone his skills as a vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist while simultaneously learning the importance of family values and experiencing world cultures. These are skills that continue to serve him well on a musical journey and that have allowed him to share his musical talents with such artists as Selena, Patti LaBelle, No Doubt, Mary J. Blige, and Stevie Nicks. Paul is also cofounder of Gearheadz Inc. A Professional Backline Rental and Production Company. Today, Paul writes, produces, records and performs music. His recent collaborations include writing and performing with Eric Seats’ “Next Great Drummer” All Star Band. International electronic Duo MonoLogic, and Los Angels favorites Dub 8. He is promoting his first solo EP entitled “Hotel Stationary.”